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Breckenridge Counseling Center was established in 2002 with the intention of providing compassionate and professional counseling services to the Kentuckiana area. Breckenridge Counseling Center is comprised of compassionate and skilled therapists with diverse backgrounds. Recognizing that many individuals face multiple stressors that can exceed their capacity to cope, Breckenridge Counseling Center provides interventions customized to each individual. Our office offers a relaxed, confidential setting with an experienced, professional staff. Our rates are fair and affordable for all, insured or uninsured. Weekend and evening appointments available!


Breckenridge Counseling Center core philosophies:

  • Everyone has the capacity to change.

  • It is our role as counselors to empower and support individuals making choices for themselves and finding their own solutions.

  • Everyone deserves to be heard and understood.

  • Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

  • Successful outcomes are achieved when the mind, body and spirit are concurrently addressed.


Call today to schedule your appointment.​

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